How can we help YOU?

We’re so glad you found us here at North Star. We want you to know that it truly is our aim to help you, no matter where you are on your life-journey, and no matter how you have been personally touched by the issue of homosexuality. To that end, we have created pages here that we have broken down into demographic groups and sub-groups. We hope this will help you be able to narrow in on the information and support that is of most help to you in your journey.

Take a look at all of the groups and sub-groups, and explore the ones that seem most pertinent to you. There is helpful information to be found in each tab, and it’s highly possible that several groups will pertain to your life. We hope that you will dig around and find the resources that best support your situation.

As you allow your life to be enriched by the resources available in each of these pages, you might find yourself wondering how you can contribute. We can use your help! In addition, we are always aiming to make our resources better, so if you have suggestions or comments about how we can more adequately meet your needs, feel free to let us know

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